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Did you know that all MOT stations are inspected and rated by the government ?

Most try to hide the findings but we are proud to announce we were inspected very recently and were awarded with a green ranking of ‘very low risk’ proving our commitment to the scheme and to our customers. We continue to improve and this was reflected in our score.

The MOT test is probably the most confusing area of the garage trade. When completed properly it’s a very valid and worthwhile safety test, although quite often it is misused and devalued by rogue garages. You have to ask a couple of simple questions:  Why are some garages so quick to heavily discount the test fee? MOT bays cost a vast amount of money to install and run so how can a garage earn money charging £25.00 for an MOT? The answer is simple… they can’t!

They will rely on making a profit by cutting corners or by carrying out unnecessary repairs and that’s wrong and very unfair. Especially when you come back to the fact that it is primarily a safety test designed to protect you, your family and other road users.

Our testers and technicians do not receive commission or bonus unlike some of the larger independents and dealerships so that we can assure our customers that our only motivation is road safety, customer satisfaction and the environment. We endeavour to pass as many vehicles as possible.

We are licensed to carry out MOT testing on class IV vehicles.




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With up to date technology you can be rest assured your car is in safe hands with our team.


Every vehicle we supply is checked over to MOT standard, and we pride ourselves in supplying high quality  vehicles prepared to the highest standards.


Enjoy safer driving, improved fuel economy, superior vehicle handling and extended tyre life by bringing your vehicle to the Hawick Wheel Alignment Centre today. We provide an extensive range of wheel alignment services for trade and private customers in Hawick and the Scottish Borders.


We are a big advocate of winter tyres, all weather tyres and cold weather tyres in general.

 "Winter tyres are designed to optimise at temperatures below +7 degrees centigrade"